Our Valued Partners


Global Ortho Design is a specialized design center of invisible aligners. They offer top quality designing and technological support. Their team has very experienced professionals with more than 13 years designing the most complicated cases of invisible aligners.


StraightSmile Solutions™ is the first online portal to provide doctor-to-doctor orthodontic consulting solutions. Founded by Dr. Amanda Wilson, StraightSmile Solutions™ is a fully web-based service provider that emphasizes efficiency and close-collaboration in coaching.


Health Professionals Alliance exists to help independent physicians and dentist maintain their independence, increase their profitability, and maintain control over patient care. We believe in doctor-owned, doctor-led medicine, and have designed a unique business structure that gives independent doctors the services and resources they need to thrive.


Burleson Seminars is the largest specialty community in the world, with more than 4,000 members who are vocal leaders and give our community weight in the dental profession. They have created an atmosphere where professionals can share problems, to ask questions and to question answers.


Great Lakes Dental Technologies is an employee-owned company, with 225 employee-owners who design, develop, manufacture, and market appliances and products for use in the orthodontic, dental, and sleep and airway markets.


Five Star offers everything from 3D services to a full line of orthodontic supplies. They use an assembly line approach to appliance fabrication and have been servicing the orthodontic community for over 30 years!