See How Remote Monitoring Benefits Dentists

There are many benefits of remote monitoring for dentists and patients. Today there are certainly reasons to visit the dentist in person, but for a variety of services you offer, you can treat your patients with remote monitoring while they enjoy the comforts of home.

Remote monitoring is our answer to not letting restrictions, busy schedules, or illness get in the way of taking care of your patients and their oral health.

Remote monitoring with In Hand Dental helps both you, the doctor, as well as your patients.

For your patients who come to see you for invisible aligners, traditional braces, whitening treatments, or TMJ and/or sleep apnea, In Hand Dental provides a HIPAA-compliant, remote monitoring tool that saves you time while making sure that your patients are following their treatment plan.

In Hand Dental allows dentists to remotely monitor their patients and still provide them with quality care. Teledentistry saves patients travel time, waiting for their appointments and the ability to receive dental health advice when it is convenient for them, rather than waiting on a dentist.

Our app allows patients to provide uploaded images of their teeth and gums to measure progress. These images are shared with you and your staff to ensure that patients are staying on their personalized treatment plans.

This is all convenient for the patients, but what are the benefits of remote monitoring for dentists specifically?

The biggest benefit of our dental monitoring app is to enhance a dentist’s workflow and make time for more patients.

It helps reduce the number of in-person appointments, reduces chair time, and actually increases patient satisfaction because they love the convenience of being able to message through the app.

By spending just 20 minutes a day using In Hand Dental for dental monitoring, dentists can reduce their in-office patient load. This saves dentist’s chair time, cleaning, and ultimately--money.

Our app typically costs about $2 a patient. With In Hand Dental low cost and no minimum on patients, you can start onboarding as little as 5 patients or as many as 500 patients without having to add staff.

When it comes to remote monitoring for dentists, In Hand Dental is the right choice. It’s easy, low-cost, and ready to set-up in a dental office in less than an hour. And your patients can get set-up in just 2-3 minutes.

Call In Hand Dental today! Our plans begin at $149 a month for up to 100 patients.

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Plans begin at $149 for up to 30 patients.