Dental Monitoring Allows for Virtual Doctor Visits

If you have a patient seeking treatment for invisible aligners, traditional braces, whitening treatments, or experiencing TMJ and/or sleep apnea, remote dental monitoring with the In Hand Dental app is the key to keeping patients on track and keeping your chair free for clients who need it.

Using our app for dental monitoring, you can treat, manage, assess, and communicate with your patients-all remotely and in a HIPAA-compliant way.

In Hand Dental is extremely popular with orthodontists and dentists who want to use dental monitoring for their patients with clear aligners.

How does our dental monitoring app work? There are no extra attachments or machines needed.

Our app for dental monitoring allows patients to take the photos on their phones (a teeth “selfie!”) and then submit three view options:

  1. Patient with their current aligners
  2. Patient with no aligners
  3. Patient with their new aligners

This allows you, their doctor, to see how each of the aligners fit and if adjustments need to be made in the treatment plan. Views are taken daily, along with a quick 5 question survey about how long the patient wore their aligners, how they felt with their aligners that day, and their progress. The daily views and surveys are sent to the doctor’s office for review. Everything is done in real time, and you review your own patient’s pictures.

Our remote dental monitoring app is a simple process that allows doctors to enhance their workflow and make time for more patients. By spending just 20 minutes a day using the In Hand Dental app for dental monitoring, you can drastically reduce your in-office patient load. This saves you chair time, cleaning, and ultimately--money.

Doctors who use our dental monitoring app say it allows for a better relationship with patients! Patients feel taken care of because they can communicate with you at any time, and they are happy to avoid taking time out of the day to drive to your office just for a quick visit. You can better control their treatment because you are seeing images every single time they change their aligners or have a question or issue, instead of every 6 or 10 weeks.

In addition to daily views, patients and doctors can go back and review a comparison in how far the treatment has come. For example, you can review week 4 and compare it to week 24 to see progress and encourage patients to keep up with their treatments. If patients have questions, they can request a virtual visit or message their doctor’s office. It’s then up to you who you bring in the office for an in-person appointment.

The In Hand Dental dental monitoring system creates an environment where patients can communicate easily with their doctor throughout the entire treatment process, and actually increases patient compliance.

The In Hand Dental dental monitoring app allows doctors to monitor their patients’ progress virtually. Want to know more about In Hand Dental? Call our office today at (913) 701-7444 to learn more or to set up an appointment to get started.

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