Remote Monitoring Makes Your Practice More Productive And Profitable

In Hand Dental offers dentists and orthodontists a time-saving solution to remote monitoring of dental care.

Our teledentistry app allows doctors to visualize all non-clinical procedures and allows patients to have appointments on-demand with their providers. The In Hand Dental teledentistry platform consists of HIPAA-compliant integrated software working with a smartphone camera and an online data dashboard that
will track patient progress for their aligner treatments. Our remote monitoring tracks dental progress and issues that can be assessed by a dentist or orthodontists from their own clinic.

Use our remote monitoring tool: No extra equipment and you review your own patient pictures according to their treatment plan.

One of the biggest benefits of In Hand Dental is that it allows for less patient chair time during the aligner treatment process. During an in-office visit, the doctor will check whether the aligners are doing their job and fit correctly. This aligner treatment step usually takes less than 10 minutes. With remote monitoring, a patient can take pictures and send updates through the In Hand Dental app and receive feedback on progress from their doctor. The dentist, orthodontist, or dedicated clinician can review the images from each patient in less time than it took to bring them into the office.

Remote monitoring saves time and creates flexibility in your schedule. Plus, it allows you more time to see more patients.  Therefore, when you use a remote monitoring tool, you can see an increase in revenue.

It’s not unusual to see your number of aligner patients increase from 30-65 in a given week...without adding additional staff. You or your staff will spend less than 20 minutes a day reviewing patient progress.

Can your clinic afford not to use remote monitoring with In Hand Dental? In less than 90 minutes, you can have your In Hand Dental app set up in three easy steps.

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Remote Monitoring - In Hand

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Plans begin at $149 for up to 30 patients.