Our Story

A little bit of fate, a little bit of family.

When amazing people meet, amazing things happen. Our CEO and our Chief Medical Officer didn’t know one another – but their college-aged kids did. Dr. Hoffman’s son Henry, who just graduated dental school and is currently doing his internship in Houston for orthodontics, and CEO Michael Gassman’s son Dominic were college buddies at Creighton. Dominic has a degree in Business Intelligence and showed our app to Henry when they were out one evening. Henry was impressed with our solution and saw a unique opportunity to deploy it in the orthodontics/dental space.

The sons clandestinely set up a “guys night out” to get everyone all together and talk about Henry’s idea. After dinner and a few beers, Henry brought it up and Dr. Hoffman immediately picked up on his idea. Although Mike had no experience with orthodontics, he saw the potential.

A week later, Dr. Hoffman emailed Mike with a 4-page case study on how we could revolutionize the aligner space, with fewer visits, better results, and higher productivity – which translates to happier patients and increased profits. We quickly set into motion the customizations to our platform to accommodate the aligner market and have worked with key practices to optimize our platform and deliver the features needed for success. But as Dominic stated at that first meeting, the app may be great, but the data analytics may be even better – believing that the machine learning and AI we have built into the system will be transformative.

Throughout the first 18 months of In Hand Dental, Hoffman Orthodontics has been our testing lab and feature generator for In Hand Dental. The results have been dramatic – more starts, increasing profits, and less chair time – all realized in just a few months of use. Patients love the convenience and assurance In Hand Dental offers, and sailed through the business interruptions we experienced this year without effect.