Why Orthodontists Need Remote Monitoring

The use of remote monitoring for Orthodontists has continued to rise over the last couple of years. With the pandemic and emerging new technology, remote monitoring rose to the forefront of our industry. Remote monitoring technology allows patients to take pictures of their teeth and send those images through the In Hand Dental app to their orthodontist who can view the results…all in lieu of an in-person appointment!

This allows the number of in-person visits to decrease, which is a major convenience for patients! It also frees up chair time, a convenience for orthodontists.

When you use In Hand Dental, you set up the treatment plan based on the specific type of treatment received, such as invisible aligners, traditional braces, whitening treatments, or TMJ and/or sleep apnea.

Without the technology of remote monitoring for orthodontists, your schedules are more complicated, and chair time goes towards small issues that could be addressed via our app. In Hand Dental allows remote monitoring so you can see how your patient is progressing, and streamline patient communications, in real-time.

In Hand Dental is a direct line for your patients to you and your team. Patients feel more comfortable asking questions through the app and are able to get a more personalized and quicker response from your office. Patients are more apt to follow their treatment plan if they feel they are supported; plus, the friendly reminders from In Hand Dental help keep them on track!

The remote monitoring for the Orthodontists allows you to see patient scans, track progress, and free up chair time. In Hand Dental guides patients through their personal treatment plan, as well as alerting the patient to when their next aligners change is to be performed.

With the app’s guidance and alerts, you are free to treat other patients while having the peace of mind that their aligner patients are being taken care of.

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