Why Dentists Use The Invisalign Dental Monitoring Tool

You already know that no two Invisalign patients are the same, and that each Invisalign patient is given an individualized treatment plan by you, their doctor. It’s important that each patient follow this plan for their treatments. Some Invisalign dental monitoring plans allow for changes every two weeks. Keeping track of these changes might be tedious or cumbersome if patients have a busy schedule. If a dentist uses the In Hand Dental app they can download the patient’s individualized treatment plan into the app and it will automatically prompt the patient when it is time to change their aligners. It not only helps the patient stay on course, but alerts you, their doctor, if there are any issues. This helps keep the process moving along, and cuts down on refinements later.

The In Hand Dental app alerts your patient when your trays need to be changed. With In Hand Dental you can monitor your patient’s treatment plan and progress, and send any friendly reminders they might need, along with being accessible for questions (in a HIPAA-compliant way).

When it's time to change their aligners, your patients are prompted, and also asked to take pictures with their old Invisalign trays and new ones. This enables you to see their progress without having an in-person appointment that frankly, they don’t want to have to come into the office for.

In the beginning of their treatment, Invisalign patients often have a lot of questions.

  • Is the discomfort normal?
  • Can I take medication to relieve the discomfort?
  • I lost my aligners–now what?

These simple questions can be asked through the In Hand Dental app from patient to doctor to ease the Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign dental monitoring is important, especially for compliance. Since there may be weeks or even months in between doctors’ visits, the In Hand Dental app allows patients and doctors to monitor the amount of time each patient wears their aligners on a daily basis in a quick and easy way.

Invisalign dental monitoring requires a great deal of care and guidance from doctors. The In Hand Dental  app allows doctors to provide the best care for their patients all while saving patients the trip to their office…which saves your practice valuable chair time.

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