Frequenty Asked Questions

What licensing options are there for my practice to begin using In Hand Dental?

To fit the varying telehealth needs of practices today, we have created licensing tiers for the In Hand Dental platform, and one will be ideal for your practice. Check our pricing page for more information.

Can I white-label the application under my own brand?

Yes, our platform is the only solution that offers this capability. With this option, there will be a custom version of our patient app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store under your company name, with your logo and custom icon.

How do my staff and I learn to use In Hand Dental?

Our customer success specialists offer multiple options to provide comprehensive training and platform personalization for you and your staff.

Can I determine which staff I want assigned to which patients?

Yes. Each staff member will have a custom Dashboard with their assigned patients. You can further filter patient views on your Dashboard using our Care Group feature.

Does the patient have to purchase the patient app?

No, the In Hand Dental patient app is free for patients.

How do I add new patients to In Hand Dental?

By simply tapping the New Patient button, then entering their name and email address. The system will send the patient a welcome email that includes two buttons: one to install the app and the other to set their permanent password.

Can parents monitor progress along with their child?

Yes, both the parent and child can have the In Hand Dental app on their mobile device to monitor progress, receive notifications and communicate with the practice.

Do my patients need a scope or appliance to take pictures of their teeth?

No, they simply use a lip retractor – inexpensive and simple to understand – no expensive or confusing hardware is required. Helpful video resources are included to show patients how easy it is for them to take their pictures.

Am I notified if a patient is late changing their aligners?

Yes, and your patients receive notifications when it is time to change their aligners, as well as any other activities prescribed by you.

Will I know when a patient sends me a message?

Yes, you will be notified on both your personal computer and your mobile device so you can conveniently respond.

Does In Hand Dental provide suggestions for treatment?

Yes, you will receive helpful information and suggestions from our Treatment AI™ intelligent assistant to help you with your patient’s care.

Do you provide materials for me to promote my practice using the latest technology with In Hand Dental?

Yes, we have handouts describing In Hand Dental that you can place in your lobby and a patient success card to provide to them when they start using the app. These can be printed with your practice information on them. Our customer success staff can also provide you with valuable and informative content to use on your website and social media channels.

Have further questions? Contact us and one of our Customer Success Specialists will be glad to help!