Virtual Consultations for Growing Your Practice

A virtual consultation is a convenience in teledentistry today. Now, more than ever, we need conveniences in our daily lives. But what if virtual consultations could save your practice some money--and help it to make more? That would make it even more convenient!

In Hand Dental has you covered for virtual consultations. With our HIPAA-compliant teledentistry app, doctors and orthodontists can electronically converse with patients. You can also see the progress or issues they are having during treatment. Our dentists and orthodontists are using In Hand Dental for virtual consultations on patients undergoing treatments such as invisible aligners, traditional braces, whitening treatments, TMJ and sleep apnea.

In Hand Dental allows your practice to set up a virtual consultation for any procedure, and gives your team the ability to monitor the results by utilizing our patented compliance scorecard by engaging the patient in the process. Virtual consultations reduce the number of in-person visits, and therefore, help lower your chair time and costs.

Our teledentistry app allows doctors to keep costs low and to even grow their practices without adding staff.

Virtual consultations give patients a lot of benefits:
  • the ability to connect for easy, timely communication.
  • hands-on access to their doctors, which them feel special and important (like you want your patients to feel!).
  • allows busy patients the ability to skip the commute to your office, and instead, connect with you from home or work.
  • keeps a patient’s information safe and secure.

Virtual consultations offer doctors incredible benefits as well.

Doctors benefit from the convenience of the technology, the cost reduction associated with eliminating in-person appointments, and room in the schedule for clinical work.

More time and less overhead allows dentists and orthodontists to increase their number of patients without adding staff, which means increasing their profits.

Integrating In Hand Dental into your practice is easy – and with our app, you close more evals, increase starts, and stretch the time between your patients’ in-office appointments.

Our plans begin at $149 a month for up to 30 patients.

Want to know more about In Hand Dental? Call our office today at (913) 701-7444 to learn more or to set up an appointment to get started.

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Contact our Sales staff at 913-701-7444 to discuss what plan is right for you.

Plans begin at $149 for up to 30 patients.