In Hand Dental Beats the Competition in Dental Monitoring Apps

If you want great remote monitoring at a competitive cost, why are you spending $10-15 per month per patient and using a clumsy scan box attached to your phone for Dental Monitoring when you can get even better results with the In Hand Dental app…all for just $2 a patient?

With In Hand Dental, teledentistry is a breeze for both you and your patients. 

With our low cost and no minimum on patients, you can start by onboarding 5 or 500 patients…all without adding staff. 

With In Hand Dental, there are no surprise bills waiting for you. We are priced to scale, so no matter the size of your clinic, you can increase your patient load while keeping costs low. 

In Hand Dental just uses your phone. No extra clunky scan boxes like with Dental Monitoring…which means no extra costs associated per patient like they have (and trust us, those costs add up!) Also, who wants the added headache to keep inventory of a scan device in your practice?

When it comes to a dental monitoring app, In Hand Dental is the right choice. Easy, low-cost, and ready to set-up for your clinic in less than an hour. 

How does In Hand Dental compare with Dental Monitoring?

Dental Monitoring App - Comparison Chart

Like other dental monitoring apps, In Hand Dental is HIPAA compliant. Unlike our competitors, In Hand Dental was developed right here in the US, by doctors who study and practice here. Our dental monitoring app allows us to provide on the go adjustments and review live patient tracking. 

We are the only app that allows our patients to review their progress through our scorecard, monitoring their Treatment MPH

In Hand Dental allows doctors to onboard patients in just 2-3 minutes by just downloading our app to their smartphone. Other dental monitoring platforms force you to use an attachment to your phone, stretching your mouth in uncomfortable ways, and generating an unfriendly user experience. 

Each patient receives a unique treatment plan based on their needs and potential progress. The In Hand Dental app allows dentists and orthodontists to continue their treatment plans through teledentistry, as if the patient was in-person. In Hand Dental can even be used for helping with lead generation and recall!

How much does our solution cost? $149 per month for up to 100 patients. 

It’s not only incredibly cost-effective, but it’s priced to scale. That means we don’t penalize you for growing your business and adding more users to the app.

Want to learn more? Our fees are listed right on our website ( Pricing begins at $149 a month.

Our low monthly price allows you to increase productivity by seeing more patients with less chair time; allowing your practice’s revenue to increase without additional practice hours. The In Hand Dental dental monitoring app allows doctors and orthodontists to monitor their patients’ progress virtually. 

Dental Monitoring App - Comparison and Analysis

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Contact our Sales staff at 913-701-7444 to discuss what plan is right for you.

Plans begin at $149 for up to 30 patients.