“A dental practice that doesn’t use a communications app like In Hand Dental is absolutely behind the times when it comes to an optimal patient experience. Every practice needs this solution.”

Barbara Khozam,
Customer Experience Keynote Speaker
& Certified Patient Experience Professional

One of the top five reasons[i] patients leave their provider is lack of technological conveniences that simplify access and communication.

You owe it to your practice and your patients to request a FREE 30-Minute Demo and learn more.

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The In Hand Dental App Advantages:

  • Affordable
  • Scalable
  • HIPAA-Compliant
  • Easy to Set Up & Use for Staff & Patients
  • Capability to add a third-party consultant
  • Allows for Instantaneous Replies to Patients
  • Patients Easily Take & Send Quality Mouth Images

The In Hand Dental app not only keeps your current patients satisfied and loyal— the ease and convenience of using the app has been proven to help increase your patient base.

No More Delays in Replying to Patients > The In Hand Dental app is the solution to frustratingly slow response times and creating real-time connections with your patients wherever they are. The In Hand Dental app will take your practice to the next level when it comes to patient care and communications.

Easily Add a Third-Party Consultant to the App > Is your practice setup with a third-party practice consultant? You can add a consultant to any patient account and the consultant will have access to images, conversations and can chime in advice and even communicate with the patient and/or the clinical team.