Rx Event: October 18th 5:00 PM PST

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Join us for a Zoom Q&A.
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In this session, we will have an interactive session on the following information:

"What is In Hand Dental?" Learn the details of our platform that includes remote monitoring, communication, and virtual visits!"

Learn how to harness the power of In Hand Dental to improve profit performance for your practice:

  • less chair time
  • fewer staff hours
  • reduced refinements
  • seamless mid-course corrections
  • happier patients
  • higher profits

Showcase integration features, including custom templates and auto-creation for new patients.

Optimize the seamless connections between EasyRx and IHD

  • automatic import of customer data from EasyRx to IHD
  • one click toggle back and forth between apps
  • viewing your patient’s data
  • ...plus your questions!