Aligner Patient Care

5 Ways That Remote Monitoring Enhances Aligner Patient Care

When it comes to creating the very best kind of aligner patient care, offering them remote monitoring has proven to boost satisfaction with your practice; it’s also an excellent tool for attracting new aligner patients.

Need some real proof? Check out the top 5 ways that remote monitoring apps like the In Hand Dental app, enhance aligner patients care (not to mention, delivers big benefits to your practice’s bottom line):

  1. Aligner patients leave with more trays after each visit and visits are reduced. Nothing pleases an aligner patient more than taking home a few weeks of trays after an in-office visit. One study showed that remote monitoring resulted in a 33% reduction in office visits and a slight reduction in treatment time from the initial visit to the first aligner. Of course, you and your staff will still maintain complete control over their treatment because you’ll be able to monitor their progress anytime as those patients upload their progress photos as you request them.
  2. Fewer in-office visits by aligner patients dramatically reduces or eliminates empty chair time. Rather than booking aligner patients for brief weekly in-office (10-minute quick check = 20 minutes of empty chair time!), you can avoid wasted time for both your office and the patient by executing progress checks through the remote monitoring app using uploaded images, live virtual calling, and texting. Easier on them, and easier on your staff.
  3. Aligner patients’ concerns and questions (and even some emergent issues) receive immediate replies. There’s no need to tie up your receptionist desk with calls from aligner patients needing fast answers. Patients can simply text their questions to their dashboard, and the staff monitor for the day can reply to them ASAP.
  4. Aligner patients are more compliant with their wear time. It’s been found that patients who use remote monitoring are more compliant and pay far more attention to how long they wear their aligners – and practitioners report that patients are also more honest about wear time and when they fall off the wagon.” That keeps practitioners in control 24/7 for better outcomes. 
  5. Aligner patients experience treatment comparable to full in-office care.  Remote monitoring using images taken by the patient has been proven to provide excellent accuracy, allowing the practitioner to make treatment decisions and recommendations as easily and promptly as if the patient was seated in the exam chair. In fact, based on American Board of Orthodontics standards, “researchers found no clinically significant differences between in-person scans and 3D models created with remote monitoring.”

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