dental staff leadership

Good Dental Staff Leadership Keeps Employees

July 31, 2023

Employee satisfaction increases their loyalty and the number of years dental staff spend with your practice. Reduce staff turnover by making your office a place they want to be and by being the leader people want to work for. Use these tips to show the […]

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happy Dental Staff

Easy Actions That Keep Dental Staff Happy

July 12, 2023

Every year it feels more important to hold on to good and happy dental staff. Keeping morale high is an important part of staff engagement and retention, but not everyone knows how many different ways you can do that.  Here are some great ways we’ve […]

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dental practice produce less waste

10 Tips to Help Your Dental Practice Produce Less Waste

June 29, 2023

More and more these days, people want the organizations they do business with to share their values. Many are concerned about taking care of the environment and it makes a difference when their favorite businesses show they also care. Here are our top 10 tips for […]

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dental practices

How Dental Practices Can Increase Revenue This Year

June 8, 2023

Some challenges that dental practices are facing today are a result of the pandemic. Others were caused by the ways dental care has been evolving for years. It might feel harder than ever to lower operating costs and grow your client base, but many offices […]

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dental platform

Dental Platforms: In Hand Dental and Dental Monitoring Face-Off

May 11, 2023

One of the main difference between the In Hand Dental and Dental Monitoring (DM) dental platform is that In Hand Dental uses real people to monitor and interact with clients, while DM uses artificial intelligence. The AI makes DM more expensive, but we’re not convinced […]

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reducing refinements

Top 8 Tips for Reducing Refinements

April 28, 2023

For clear aligner treatment, experts advise keeping your refinement rate under 30%. Reducing the number of refinements per patient not only makes your treatments more efficient and creates more revenue for you, it also makes patients happier. The longer their aligner treatment lasts, the less […]

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