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How to Easily Onboard Aligner Patients to the In Hand Dental App

How to Easily Onboard Aligner Patients to the In Hand Dental App

When In Hand Dental is given as an option to the patient to manage the treatment plan at home, the patients are overwhelmingly preferring it to coming in the office. We are hearing it increases the treatment plan close rate by 20%, on average. So, why wouldn’t you want to get started onboarding aligner patients with the In Hand Dental app?

Spell Out the Key Benefits

Before you begin onboarding aligner patients and explaining how the app works, be sure to point out the key benefits for the patient. That includes:

  1. a) Fewer in-office visits
  2. b) The ability to text your office and get answers quickly and easily
  3. c) A practitioner monitoring your aligner progress 24/7 anywhere the patient travels
  4. d) Using an app technology that’s as simple to use as texting and gaming

Walk Them Through the Sign Up & Usage

It will likely take you and your aligner patient less than 5 minutes to onboard and explain the signup process, master the app’s features, and learn how to properly take a scan. The key steps to onboard aligner patients involved include:

  1. Downloading the app from the Apple app store or Google Play (depending on the type of cell phone the patient uses).
  2. Setting up a HIPAA-protected patient account on the app with a username and password.
  3. Providing the patient with a mouth retractor and showing them how to use it to take images.
  4. Helping to take their first images by following the onscreen prompts.
  5. Showing them how to send their images back to you.
  6. Guiding them how to track their progress, note tray changes, and enter wear time.
  7. Walking them through the steps to send and receive text messages and/or set up video consults.

Sit Back & Reap the Patient and Practitioner Benefits

Practitioners have reported that most patients find it easy and fun to use the In Hand Dental app, and that their staff finds the app dashboard beneficial to patient management, especially when it comes to ease and speed of communication, and optimizing chair time for emergencies as well as patients who truly need to be seen in-office.

What’s more, dentists report that patients are more compliant when using the app and are also more honest when it comes to wear time.

As for tracking, treatment, and outcomes, results using the In Hand Dental app have shown to be comparable to those from aligner patients not using the app – but far more convenient for both the patient and the staff.

Ready to start onboarding your aligner patients today? Learn more about the benefits of adding the In Hand Dental app to your practice toolbox? Visit our website and/or call us at (913) 701-7444 to book your FREE 30-minute demo.