Aligner Patient Care

5 Ways That Remote Monitoring Enhances Aligner Patient Care

May 24, 2024

When it comes to creating the very best kind of aligner patient care, offering them remote monitoring has proven to boost satisfaction with your practice; it’s also an excellent tool for attracting new aligner patients. Need some real proof? Check out the top 5 ways […]

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oral appliance therapy

Treating Sleep Apnea Patients with Oral Appliance Therapy

April 25, 2024

Were you aware that, in 2017, a resolution was passed by the ADA emphasizing the role of all dentists in screening for sleep disordered breathing? It was part of your training in dental school, and it’s time you made the most of your oral appliance […]

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Remote Dental Monitoring

Remote Dental Monitoring Shown to Improve Oral Hygiene

February 21, 2024

One of the greatest challenges an orthodontist faces with fixed brace patients is ensuring that good oral hygiene is followed throughout the process. With the typical treatment spanning about two years, a lot can go wrong with oral health if it is not properly maintained, […]

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Patient-Centric Dental Practice

Six Ways to Have a Patient-Centric Dental Practice

January 31, 2024

Every practitioner likes to believe they’re doing everything to create a welcoming, supportive experience for dental and orthodontic patients. If you’re not certain you’re doing all you can, here are six strategies to consider for 2024 to have a Patient-Centric Dental Practice. See how many […]

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Remote Monitoring Benefits

How Remote Monitoring Benefits You and Your Patients

January 19, 2024

If you’re imagining that remote monitoring will reduce those important personal relationships with your patients, think again. Remote monitoring with an app like In Hand Dental actually enhances the dentist-patient bond while improving office operations and reducing staff pressures in numerous ways.  Let’s examine remote […]

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