Communication with Dental Patients

How You Communicate with Dental Patients is Everything

There’s nothing…NOTHING…more frustrating to a dental or orthodontic patient than poor communications from their practice. They call to talk to a staff member and get a recording. They leave a phone message and wait all day to get a callback that never comes. They have one simple question and get placed on hold for way too long. And when this happens repeatedly, nearly three-in-five of patients (59%) won’t think twice about switching providers. All because the practice doesn’t know how to communicate with dental patients. 

These days patients have pretty high expectations when it comes to communications with their dental providers, and those dental practices who aren’t as tech savvy as they should be might just find themselves losing patients – and not welcoming new ones.

Tech options like patient portals and virtual visits have become standard and expected, and remote monitoring apps like the In Hand Dental app are no longer a luxury – patients demand them.

Remote monitoring plays a huge role in caring for clear aligner and braces patients, and even sleep apnea patients. The ability to reduce in-office visits while still knowing that a dentist or orthodontist is tracking your progress and adjusting your treatment plan remotely is priceless. 

So is the ability to quickly receive urgent or non-urgent answers in real-time via the text function, a feature In Hand Dental app patients and staff appreciate. It’s a quick and highly personal way for staff to communicate with dental patients. Equally important, it frees up a tremendous amount of staff time that can be spent on other clinical needs. 

Even automated alerts sent through the app regarding tray changes or appointment reminders are appreciated by patients. One survey found that 77% of patients find these automated messages very valuable in maintaining a connection to their provider.

Watch the video to see how one dental staff member has developed an even closer relationship with her patients through the In Hand Dental app – and how she manages her days more efficiently because of how easy it is to communicate with dental patients.

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