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6 Ways the In Hand Dental App Can Handle Your Patient Care

It’s OK to take baby steps when adding the In Hand Dental app to your patient care toolbox. In fact, that’s one of the reasons we offer three pricing tiers.  You’ve got nothing to lose by giving the app a try, and really, you and your practice have so much to gain.

So, here’s a suggestion. Once you onboard your first set of patients to the In Hand Dental app, do some of your own in-house testing over a three-month period and see if the benefits we promise really measure up. To help you out, we suggest using the following six metrics:

  1. Did You Notice Improved Ease of Scheduling? Patients can use the In Hand Dental app to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments with just a few clicks. You can expect about 30 – 35% of patients to use the app for this purpose, thus significantly reducing phone and voicemail traffic to your front desk. 
  2. Has the App Reduced Phone Reminder Calls? Your staff knows the pain of making and/or scheduling those end-of-day reminder calls. With the In Hand Dental app, patients receive appointment alerts on their phone. Plus, because the app allows them to enjoy fewer in-office visits, they’re far more likely to keep appointments because these typically involve receiving additional trays. 
  3. Is Your Front Desk Receiving Fewer Calls Regarding Care? The In Hand Dental app allows nearly instant communication between your staff and your patients. To a patient, every question needs a quick answer, and messaging through the app is far more efficient than playing phone tag with the front desk and the hygienist staff. See if works for you and your staff. 
  4. Have You Been Able to Eliminate One or More In-Office Treatment Checks? With the In Hand Dental app, you and your staff have eyes on every patient’s progress thanks to smile selfies and various remote checkpoints. Patients are thrilled at the prospect of fewer in-office visits, and you get to free up chair time for other patients who really need hands-on care. 
  5. Have You Been Able to Improve Hygiene and Compliance Without In-Office Visits? Anything that promotes convenience and ease for patients is happily embraced. With the In Hand Dental app, your staff can send direct, personalized instructions anytime to help patients remain compliant and encourage healthy home practices between in-office checkups. 
  6. Have You Reduced Emergency Visits by Using the In Hand Dental App’s Video and Text Options? Some emergencies are just that. Other times, what seems like an urgent issue can actually be handled with a video or text conversation through the In Hand Dental app. The app does a great job of helping to allay the fears of worried patients and historically, has saved 2 – 3 unnecessary in-office emergency visits.

The In Hand Dental app is truly advancing the way dentists and orthodontists handle patient care – and patients are loving the way it simplifies their lives while they perfect their smiles.

Need more good reasons to hop on the In Hand Dental app bandwagon? Schedule a free 30-minute private demo by calling In Hand Dental at (913) 701-7444 or by completing the online request form. We look forward to helping your practice become more productive and profitable!