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The In Hand Dental App: As Easy as Texting a Friend for Less In-Office Visits

It’s no surprise that dentists and orthodontists ask a lot of questions during the free In Hand Dental demos. While they’re enthused about reducing chair time and adding scheduling flexibility, some are concerned that less in-office visits will affect the personal touch and close interaction that builds loyalty and trust.

But what we’ve heard from patients is exactly the opposite. At Keith & Associates for example, patients say they actually feel like they have a closer interaction with the practice than before. 

Firstly, the app is as easy to use as texting a friend. With some simple onboarding and installation instructions, the majority of patients are typically off and running. 

Practitioners report that the patient usage rate is typically very high, and compliance (vs. those who don’t use the app) increases significantly. Another interesting development says Dr. Bill Keith, “We find that people are more honest to the app than they are to us in person!”

Equally as important, responses to patient queries via the In Hand Dental app can also be instantaneous, depending on how a practice chooses to supervise the app dashboard. 

While some opt to “keep the line open” only during office hours, many have staff that check and reply to questions outside of those hours and even on the weekends. Add to that, practitioners are also able to interact with patients and check their progress far more frequently with the In Hand Dental app. 

The bottom line? Patients feel like they receive the personal attention they want and, best of all, they’re thrilled to be able to cut down on in-office visits.

If you haven’t yet added the In Hand Dental app to your patient toolkit, let’s give you more good reasons to give patients one more reason to love you with less in-office visits! Schedule a free private demo today by calling In Hand Dental at (913) 701-7444 or completing the online request form.