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Raise Your Hand If You’d Like a Dental App That Makes LESS Work for You

It’s not a marketing ploy, it’s a fact. Practices that have added the In Hand Dental app to their dental care toolbox have all discovered that it really does make life easier for both the staff and their patients.

“It literally takes seconds to respond to a patient,” confirmed Becky DeGeare, a Virtual Clinical Assistant with Hoffman Orthodontics in Leawood, Kansas. “I think sometimes they’re surprised that a real person is actually looking at their pictures and replying to their messages. I can tell them everything looks great or if they need to do their chewing exercises for example. Patients appreciate the real-time connection, and we appreciate the ease.”

Significantly Reduces In-Office Visits

Getting started with aligners is foreign to many patients; and the fact that many aligner journeys can last more than a year used to mean frequent office visits for progress checks and to receive new trays. DeGeare said having the IHD app changes all of that.

“I have people texting through the IHD app all the time,” she shared, “they’ll say things like, ‘I don’t know if I’m ready to change aligners, what should I do?’ Historically, that person would have been calling the receptionist. But the app takes those types of calls off of her shoulders.”

“What’s more,” added DeGeare, “because the app gives us remote monitoring capability, I can look at their photos and tell them right away to move on to their next tray or not. And if the doctor also needs to review the images, I can get that taken care of quickly as well.”

More Closely Monitored Than Ever Before

Practitioners agree that aligner and braces patients are actually getting monitored more closely, and more regularly, through the app. That means patients can be sent home with several sets of trays and they won’t need to be seen in person for a couple of months. Not only is that appealing to patients, but it also means that chair time is freed up for patients who require face-to-face treatments and consults.

“Before we added In Hand Dental, I would make all my patient phone calls outside of office hours. It took a great deal of time each day,” recalled DeGeare. “Now I can answer them with a text in between exams and on breaks in about 30 seconds…even if we have a back-and-forth conversation, it’s still just a couple of minutes. It’s so much faster. And I love getting the ‘thumbs up’ from people. They like knowing that somebody's always on the other end, right there for them when they need help.”

A Real Value at an Affordable Price

The In Hand Dental app adds real value to your practice, not only in the perceptions of patients, but also to your bottom line – and it’s both affordable and scalable. Check it out.

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