Remote Monitoring Apps

Remote Monitoring Apps Aren’t a Fad, They’ve Become Essential Practice Tools

If you’re still fighting the push to add remote monitoring to your patient toolbox, you’re fighting a losing battle. Remote monitoring apps like In Hand Dental are not a pandemic fad, they’re here to stay. So, open your mind wide – and take comfort in the fact that you won’t have to open your wallet wide at all to hop on this important tech bandwagon.

Clear aligner patients especially have totally embraced the concept. After all, the prospect of making fewer visits to the dentist office for a 10-minute tray checkup is very attractive. The convenience (and familiarity) of being able to take mouth selfies right from a cellphone is huge. And the ease of texting with your practitioner or having a face-to-face by phone offers plenty of “connection” time and has proven to be a real trust- and loyalty-builder.

You still may be wondering, “What about me, the dentist? How can I ensure that my patients are getting my best treatment and the best care from a distance?”

Distance won’t be a factor in the level of care and attention you provide. The In Hand Dental app is not in charge of deciding a treatment plan – you are. Our app is human run, not machine run. We understand that every individual case is unique. As such, your team has the capacity to make plan adjustments and revisions at every step of treatment, including setting new start/end/duration options for all activity sets.

Just as important, your team has the ability to involve your patients in their own progress. They can add annotations to uploaded mouth images, fostering clearer communications. Plus, both you and your patient can review their past sets to understand how they’ve progressed. 

What’s more, practitioners who use apps like In Hand Dental agree that patient compliance for app users is significantly greater than with non-app patients. Practitioners also report that patients are more honest about wear time when they use an app – and more committed to keeping up the good work. The familiarity and ease with which most people use phone apps not only makes life easier for them, but it also makes the job easier for you. As Dr. Kurt Hoffman of Hoffman Orthodontics notes, “When we know the pattern of wear, how many hours the patient is wearing the aligners, etc. we can easily make informed recommendations remotely.”

Remote monitoring apps like In Hand Dental are essential for every dentist and orthodontist wishing to offer their patients clear aligner products. And you’ll be surprised at how affordable they are to integrate into your practice – and, most important, how much chair time, staff time, and patient appreciation you will gain.

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