Remote Dental Monitoring

Remote Dental Monitoring Shown to Improve Oral Hygiene

One of the greatest challenges an orthodontist faces with fixed brace patients is ensuring that good oral hygiene is followed throughout the process. With the typical treatment spanning about two years, a lot can go wrong with oral health if it is not properly maintained, from extensive plaque buildup leading to demineralization and white spot lesions among other maladies. Here's where remote dental monitoring comes in. 

Several studies have been done regarding this issue, including one by BMC Oral Health, that have concluded that the use of digital remote dental monitoring, such as those by In Hand Dental, had a significant positive impact on oral health and compliance.

In the BMC study, the group that received the digital devices had a significant improvement in plaque control and reduction of carious lesions.

Orthodontists will no doubt agree that maintaining optimum oral health is critical to positive outcomes from fixed brace treatments. They would also agree that teenagers aren’t exactly the poster patients for taking regular care of their teeth and gums – even more true when braces are added to the equation. In fact, according to the BMC report, “studies have demonstrated a rapid decline in the level of oral hygiene status after the initial bonding of the orthodontic appliance.”

Fortunately, the study concluded that “oral hygiene status can significantly ameliorate with reward systems or active reminder tools, especially when teenagers are engaged by technological supports.”  Remote dental monitoring such as the In Hand Dental app, provide a level of connection and communication that wasn’t previously available once a patient left the office. The app allows practitioners to keep in regular touch with a patient through personal messages, reminders, and responding to questions. But it does so much more. It allows the orthodontist to regularly receive and analyze mouth scans to check movement, review wire emergencies, and so much more.

As long as there’s an endless stream of teenagers who need fixed braces, orthodontists will be faced with the challenge of shepherding young patients through the arduous process of dealing with fixed brace issues like oral hygiene, loose wires, elastic changes, and more.

With the In Hand Dental app, orthodontists can keep an eye on many mouths anywhere, anytime. 

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