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In Hand Dental, In Hand Health’s Software Solution Aimed at Improving Healthcare Provider and Patient Communications, is Now Patent Protected

New patented technology features enable In Hand Dental powerful design platform and provide orthodontists and GPs the ability to conduct HIPAA-compliant virtual consultations, optimize their treatment plans, and provide better patient outcomes while securing great portability for their practices.

PRESS RELEASE  APR 20,2022  08:00 EDT

KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 20, 2022 ( - In Hand Dental, In Hand Health's software solution that enables remote treatment for busy orthodontists and GP's is now patent protected. In Hand Dental, designed as a HIPAA-compliant, secure multi-messaging teledentistry and remote monitoring tool, is used in the teledentistry space for invisible aligners, wired braces, sleep apnea, TMJ, and other treatments, as well as marketing and lead generation for doctors and their practices.

Brought to market during COVID, taking feedback from doctors, practices, and strategic partners allowed In Hand Dental to continue to enhance its powerful platform, especially its compliance MPH score, and dashboard of core components.

"As the case is with any software and technology patent, it is a long road. We've been working on the development of the platform since 2014 and continue to build on that. With the feedback of orthodontists and GPs, we've been able to create more features and functions, and expect to have another series of patent approvals in the near future, directly related to that feedback." - Michael Gassman, CEO, In Hand Health.

Those core components recently patented include composite scoring for patients and their treatments, support for both actively monitored and passively confirmed resources and content, and patient surveys and feedback. The dashboard and treatment MPH facilitate rapid review and assessment of where patients are in their treatment process.

In Hand Dental recently patented core components only work to increase its effectiveness in creating more positive impacts to doctor workflows to make them more efficient and impact their bottom lines.

Dr. Bill Keith, of Keith + associates Dentistry, started using In Hand Dental to increase their efficiencies. "We went from 3 starts in a month to 25 in our first month using In Hand Dental."

Doctors and practices interested in learning more about In Hand Dental can do so here.

About In Hand Dental
Designed by orthodontists, In Hand Dental is a HIPAA-compliant platform used for remote monitoring and teledentistry that has gained popularity amongst orthodontists and dentists during the Covid shutdowns. It provides a safe and effective telecommunication method to keep patients aligned with their treatment plan, thereby increasing success for the patient and improving efficiencies for the providers. In Hand Dental is powered by In Hand Health, a Kansas City-based software technology firm whose platform creates software solutions for practices to market their services and treat patients from initial consultation to wellness periods.

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