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Create Your Own Branded App For Your Orthodontic Practice

A branded app can provide many benefits to your practice

If you are a practice owner or know a lot about marketing for your practice, you’ve probably thought about creating a personalized, branded app for your practice.

Having a personalized app for your practice affords you a ton of opportunities, including marketing, remote monitoring, customer retention, and customer engagement with past and current patients.

Here is why you need a branded app for your practice in 2021

Use your app for more than just aligners
You are, of course, going to use your branded app for remote monitoring of your aligner patients. But you can use it for so much more! You can use it for patient education resources, to offer new services, to push content, offer discounts, run promotions….the list is endless.

When it comes to marketing your practice, it’s always great to get to new orthodontic patients. But don’t overlook the opportunity to use your current and past clients for referrals. With a branded app, you can stay in close contact with your patients, whether they are active or post-treatment. You can use your branded app to push out messaging to your clients asking them for referrals, and offering them things like “Refer someone and get a gift card.”

You can also run your content and promotions through your app. In fact, what’s a better way to get someone’s attention; by trying to advertise your contest on your social media page (did you know the average reach of any Facebook post is 5%? Yikes!) OR is it better to send a message through your app, where it can go directly onto their phone that’s right there in their hand, with no other competition on that app?

When you have your own app, it matches the branding of your practice. This may be your practice name, colors, logo, etc. It is great for brand recognition and brand awareness for your clients. It really ties everything together.

Success factor
When you have your own app that your patients can download directly from the app store, it lends a sense of credibility to your practice. You are cutting edge! You are successful! Patients immediately feel comfortable and more interested because they know you have the latest, best and brightest technology! It differentiates and elevates you. And with most patients interviewing 2-3 doctors before they make a decision, this app may be the thing that takes you over the edge for them!

But you also know that for most of us, the details, the legwork, and of course, the price of a branded app, makes it completely prohibitive for most practice owners. Creating a personalized app can run a practice owner anywhere from $200-500K!

However...In Hand Dental has discovered a better solution.

With In Hand Dental, you get all of our remote monitoring features, all at an affordable price that gives you the ability to scale. In Hand Dental also provides a feature where you can whitelabel our app and make it a personalized, branded app for your practice! This means your logo, your splash page--everything that looks like YOUR practice. Take a look!

Ready to take your practice to the next level? Contact us today!

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