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Creating Smiles from Afar: Exploring the Benefit of Remote Monitoring in Orthodontic Treatment

The pandemic was an event that definitely introduced teledentistry to a lot more people in a short amount of time, even if we were heading there far before office closures. Orthodontists and GPs who are more comfortable with new technology have an advantage, because people not only prefer, but expect services to be more convenient than ever. It’s a benefit of remote monitoring.

If someone doesn’t have to take time off from work or school to come into the office, they’re more likely to comply with their treatment. 

Offices that offer remote options have an edge when it comes to attracting new patients and keeping current ones.

Happier Patients

People increasingly choose a practice based on convenience. That used to mean an orthodontist or dentist located near their home or their job, but now it means a practice that offers remote services. 

With a benefit of remote monitoring, patients can send a message as well as a photo of a problem spot so you can decide whether an office visit is needed. 

If they’re receiving a treatment that needs regular check-ins, such as aligners, a remote app allows you to receive images from the patient that help you decide if they’re ready for the next tray, if they need to repeat a tray, or if they need to come to the office. 

More than ever, people love to do things easily without even leaving their home. Offer them treatment with fewer visits and you’ll have happier patients…and happier patients give more referrals. 

Happier Staff

All kinds of automation is now available to make the workload of your front desk and your support staff more manageable. Programs help current patients schedule their next appointment, let new patients submit their paperwork before they even walk in the door, and send auto reminders when someone is due for a check-up.

Using teledentistry to cut down on office visits means staff spends less time calling or emailing people until they agree on a time, and less time managing the schedules of doctors and hygienists. It also means staff can time block better: instead of getting interrupted by patient phone calls and questions, they can schedule time to respond to all the messages sent through an app.

Lowered Costs

It costs money just to get an examination room set up with sterilized instruments and disposables. Think of how many visits consist of little more than making sure everything looks okay and answering a few questions? A benefit of remote monitoring for check-ins and routine Q&A saves money in more ways than one.

(Want to start to put some real ROI to your chair time? Use our profit calculator to see how a teledentistry tool like In Hand Dental can impact your bottom line)

Increased Offerings

People are more likely to agree to services that don’t add a lot of travel time to their schedule. 

With remote treatment you can offer more cosmetic services like teeth whitening, and even increase your offerings to include things like sleep apnea. When you explain how easy it is to use a remote monitoring app and assure them they’ll get the same level of service as they would if they came in, presenting service options becomes easier.

Adding a remote monitoring app to your practice is a win-win all around. You save on costs and patients save on time. These days people have increasing expectations of convenience, and a practice that leverages teledentistry will have the advantage over many of its competitors.

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