Remote Monitoring Benefits

How Remote Monitoring Benefits You and Your Patients

If you’re imagining that remote monitoring will reduce those important personal relationships with your patients, think again. Remote monitoring benefits the patient and with an app like In Hand Dental actually enhances the dentist-patient bond while improving office operations and reducing staff pressures in numerous ways. 

Let’s examine remote monitoring top benefits for your patients and for your practice:

Benefits for Your Patients 

  • Your Full Focus - Patients get your undivided attention without having to come into your office which builds stronger relationships and practice loyalty.
  • Greater Convenience – Patients appreciate how remote monitoring reduces the need for in-person visits that can interrupt work and personal schedules.
  • Faster Onboarding - Paperwork, mouth images, and updates can all be uploaded securely through the app to easily add patients into the system and make treatment adjustments and recommendations.
  • Constant Contact - After hours contact in emergencies or for pressing questions can easily be sent by the patient and answered by you or a staff member via the HIPAA-compliant app any time 24/7.
  • Increased Access – With remote monitoring, patients who live a distance from the dentist’s office no longer need to make the drive for a simple exam or to respond to every care question and examination. 

Perks for You and Your Staff

  • More Flexible Scheduling - Schedules and valuable chair time are both freed up for patients that need in-person and/or emergency care.
  • Reduced Booking Issues - Concerns about overbooking and appointments running long are greatly reduced.
  • More Time for Every Patient - Remote monitoring allows for virtually updating many aspects of treatment plans – a timesaver for practitioners.
  • Enhanced Profitability - Patient recall and retention have both been proven to increase when a remote monitoring option is offered.
  • Personalized Attention - Two-way messaging and personalized alerts help practitioners create stronger bonds and higher trust levels with their patients.

Learn How to Poise Your Practice for Greater Success

Remote monitoring benefits patients and it is becoming a standard offering for orthodontists and dentists across the country. Find out why you need to be embracing this affordable, effective option.  Book a free, 30-minute private demonstration to see how the In Hand Dental app can be a game-changer for you and your patients.