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How to Relieve your Stressed Out Dental Staff

Do you feel like you have an overburdened dental staff? How can you continue to grow your practice when your schedule already has no breathing room?

And how can you help your staff and office manager with their schedules when they are slammed with patients?

What if you could reduce the stress on your office–the stress on your office staff, your assistant, and your fellow doctors?

That’s the magic question: how can you grow a practice without adding dental staff, and without putting your office manager, your assistant, or frankly, yourself under so much pressure and stress that you can’t do your job?

The answer may be simpler than you think.

When you use an app like The In Hand Dental app, it cuts down on the assistants’ stress because they have to deal with fewer patients during the day.

When an aligner patient has an issue, they can text a picture asking “Is this normal? What is going on with this?”

Then you can troubleshoot whatever issues they may be having-usually within MOMENTS.

Historically, those people would be calling a receptionist saying “I’m having a problem with my aligners.” They might get through right away, or they might forget to call, leaving them days without properly fitting aligners, or another issue.

Once a patient can connect with a receptionist or office admin, they get scheduled with an appointment. If you’ve looked at your schedule recently, you know that “fitting someone in” is no small feat–either for your schedule or theirs.

For your patient, it means time missed from work, from school, and often requires another party, like a babysitter or spouse to cover for someone.

On your side of things, the issue is time.

A call with a problem takes up time for the receptionist or office manager and other dental staff, time to clean and sanitize to get ready for the patient, then chair time.

This is time for both doctor and assistant that can be almost eliminated!

One practice reports they are resolving 99% of people’s questions through the app.

Can you imagine this: 99% of your patients who have issues can get them resolved through an app like in the In Hand Dental app?

With just 20 minutes a day from you, hours in your schedule are eliminated.

What could that mean to your practice, in terms of chair time? What could you do with that chair time? How would that impact your scheduling and the whole entire feel of your practice? Would it relieve stress from your dental staff?

Hear how one dental staff member has reduced stress in the office and chair time for patients.

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