Five Star Orthodontic

In Hand Dental Partners with Five Star Orthodontic Laboratory & Supply to Offer Teledentistry App

Five Star Orthodontic Laboratory & Supply has been in the dentistry industry for over 30 years and is based out of Denton, TX. According to their website, Five Star uses an assembly line approach to their appliance fabrication allowing a tech to specialize in more than one department and allow for a higher standard of quality control throughout the fabrication process.

Within their departments, Five Star offers monitoring for their Tri-aligner clear aligner system including orthodontic expander, sleep and TMJ appliances.

By partnering with In Hand Dental, Five Star can reach their clients with remote patient monitoring and leverage the technology using their own branded app. You can find Five Star in the app store here.

Bobby Middle and Jeff Loch, co-owners of Five Star Ortho Lab, said, “This gives us a unique and powerful solution to help our doctors provide a better patient experience while increasing their practices' efficiency and profitability. We are extremely excited about this opportunity to bring In Hand Dental to our Five Star client base."

This partnership is unique for Five Star and In Hand Dental as it provides a service model approach with the intention to not only monitor specific treatments, but will also allow for lead generation and other marketing efforts within the app.

Michael Gassman, CEO of In Hand Dental, said, “Integrating our In Hand Dental platform and workflow with their superior product line provides a tremendous value add for their aligner customers.”

The In Hand Dental app is also HIPAA-compliant allowing patients the privacy to have virtual consultations and appointments with their dentist or orthodontist. In addition to keeping patients on track with their treatment plan and increasing success for the patient and improved efficiencies with the provider.

More and more practices are partnering with In Hand Dental to create a better, open communication with their patience and allowing their practice to grow by freeing up chair time. Will your practice be next?

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