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In Hand Dental Partners with Great Lakes Dental Technologies to Offer Teledentistry App

Inside Dentistry first posted about the In Hand Dental and Great Lakes Dental Technologies partnership in their article, “Great Lakes Dental Technologies Announces New Partnership with In Hand Dental to Offer Innovative Teledentistry App for Doctors and Patients

In Hand Dental has partnered with Great Lakes Dental Technologies to use our teledentistry app for remote monitoring, teledentistry and virtual consultations for their patients.

With the In Hand Dental teledentistry app, doctors can customize the free patient application to further enhance practice-patient communication and case management. With this technology Great Lakes will be able to help their existing clear aligner patients, but also expanding into other treatment options including TMJ-Splint therapy, Sleep-Airway therapy, whitening treatments, and traditional braces.

Great Lakes Dental Technologies is an employee-owned company, providing products, laboratory services and both in-house and online appliance fabrication training to members of the dental industry since 1965.

John Ende, Great Lakes president and CEO, had this to say about partnering with In Hand Dental, "We were impressed with the idea of branding this exciting technology and offering the platform to our customers to improve patient outcomes, reduce chair time, and add value to their practices. We are always looking for solutions to help our customers and In Hand Dental's unique model offers us that opportunity."

The scalable and customizable teledentistry app will allow Great Lakes and other practices to monitor patient progress, conduct virtual visits, send treatment reminders, answer questions and provide educational materials, videos and photos.

The HIPPA-compliant teledentistry app connects dentists and orthodontists directly with their patients while providing a safe, timely, high-quality care while reducing in-patient visits.

More and more practices are partnering with In Hand Dental to create a better, open communication with their patience and allowing their practice to grow by freeing up chair time. Will your practice be next?

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