Online Teeth Consultation

Big Benefits All Around: Online Teeth Consultation Via Remote Monitoring

The idea of giving and receiving an online teeth consultation seemed somewhat foreign to many people in the “pre-pandemic” days. But today, using a dental app to communicate with patients has become a key dental treatment tool.

The technology, known as remote monitoring, frees up patients from multiple office visits if they, for example, managing aligners or braces; and frees up the exam chair, allowing dental practitioners to see cases that absolutely require in-person care.

Clearly, there are significant and proven benefits to incorporating an online teeth consultation via a remote monitoring app into your practice toolbox.

Significant Advantages for Dental Practitioners & Patients

Let’s review the key benefits of online teeth consultation using a remote monitoring app like In Hand Dental:

Tracking and Monitoring Dental Patients in Real-Time:
Curious whether your patient is adhering to recommended wear times? Apps like In Hand Dental can help track how long a patient wears their aligners each day. Through the app, practitioners can send out personal reminders to help keep a patient on track. When a patient sends back images via the app, a practitioner can immediately check whether an aligner is seated correctly and set up interventions as needed.

Consultations That Meet the Patient Wherever They Are:
From the workplace or even on vacation, patients can enjoy an online teeth consultation in real-time via the In Hand Dental app by taking and sending a few images to their dentist or hygienist. It’s an excellent method for enhancing communications and personal interaction between in-person appointments, helps ensure that patients stay motivated and on track with compliance, and addresses any concerns as they occur, rather than waiting for the next appointment.

Enhanced Efficiency When It Comes to Speed of Care:
With apps like the In Hand Dental app, dentists can keep up with a patient’s progress in real-time thanks to imaging (taken and shared by the patient) and tracking data (input by the patient). Armed with that information, a dentist or orthodontist can keep closer, regular watch over treatment results, and quickly make online recommendations for adjustments or treatment needs. It’s an excellent solution for reducing multiple in-person visits that may only need 10 minutes of a 45-minute appointment slot – an inconvenience for the patient and for the practitioner alike.

The bottom line? Online teeth consultations via a remote monitoring app not only work, but they also truly enhance the practitioner/patient relationship and treatment success.

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