Patient-Centric Dental Practice

Six Ways to Have a Patient-Centric Dental Practice

Every practitioner likes to believe they’re doing everything to create a welcoming, supportive experience for dental and orthodontic patients. If you’re not certain you’re doing all you can, here are six strategies to consider for 2024 to have a Patient-Centric Dental Practice. See how many you already have in place.

Six Strategies for Creating a Patient-Centric Dental Practice: 

  1. Offer patients a wider selection of services Yes, you’re a doctor, but you’re also a businessperson. So, start thinking like one. Consider what the competition is offering, and make sure your practice can go head-to-head. Services like same day restorations, in-office whitening, and intraoral scanners help cut down on multiple visits, long appointments, and uncomfortable procedures. Find out what’s new, what equipment is needed, and devise a plan to introduce something innovative this year.
  2. Create payment options to enhance affordability Dental insurance doesn’t always cover the extensive treatments some patients need. Take time to explore alternative means of payment and the many new patient financing programs available today. Offering this type of assistance to your patients shows them you put them first and understand their needs.
  3. Encourage your patients to share testimonials and reviews Yes, today’s potential patients really do scan the internet to check out how you and your competition rate. And don’t just leave the reviews to be read by others. Make time to browse online reviews about your practice and others to truly understand what you’re doing right – and perhaps where there’s room for improvement. And don’t be afraid to send out post-appointment surveys for even more valuable insight.
  4. Update your website and add a patient portal Your website is the front door to your office – your one chance to make a great first impression for potential patients, and to provide your current patients with the help and information they need. Ensure that your website is up-to-date, easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and HTTPS secure. A scheduling option is a great idea, as is offering downloadable patient forms. Spotlight your team, offer educational articles, and most important, include a patient portal for messaging staff and paying balances.
  5. Make it easier to connect and communicate with your team Text and email reminders regarding appointments is essential to upgrading your patient communications. Patients should have the ability to confirm appointments through this messaging as well. This is a convenience for them, but it also allows your scheduling staff to maintain a full schedule each day and be aware of cancellations that create new openings.
  6. Add remote dental monitoring to your patient-centric toolbox Teledentistry, also known as remote dental monitoring, has fast become an expected service among dental and orthodontic patients. They appreciate how it reduces unnecessary in-office visits and still gives them a real-time connection with practitioners and staff. In fact, patients have been known to change dentists and orthodontists just to have the option of this service available. The In Hand Dental app is changing the way dentistry does business and it’s all for the better for the patients – and for your practice. 

To explore more ways to make your Patient-Centric Dental Practice a reality, book a free private demo today with In Hand Dental and learn how it can benefit your practice.