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Get to Know the App for Dentists That’s Changing Everything About Patient Care

The mobile phone is the newest examination and consultation tool for dentists and it’s changing the way practitioners and patients interact on several levels. The phone acts as a conduit to use the latest app for dentists and orthodontists.

Also known as remote patient monitoring (RPM), these apps are advancing and enhancing patient relationships – and practice profitability – in significant ways.

Among the most popular app options available is In Hand Dental, easily the most affordable solution, it has been proven to increase clinical success, from improved bottom lines to freeing up chair time for cases that require hands-on care – all without increasing staff.

In Hand Dental replaces the need for numerous types of dental consultations, from tracking and updating treatment plans for aligners and braces, to discussing potential emergency needs to keeping a watchful eye on sleep apnea patients.

Not only can In Hand Dental help a patient take images of their own teeth it allows for real-time communication with the dentist or orthodontist, and allows practitioners to send out reminders, personal support messages and more.

How Does the App for Dentists Work?

Remote monitoring apps like In Hand Dental work with our patented MPH, which takes images shared by patients, checks treatment progress, and automatically organizes and analyzes the information and imagery received.

From there, treatment plans can be instantly developed, allowing dentists to share the most updated and detailed instructions to a patient, from when to change aligners to how to treat certain types of dental issues at home.

Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Reduces appointments for routine checks leaves chairs open for your hands-on cases – As an example, one study compared orthodontic treatment with aligners and aligners plus remote monitoring and found that remote monitoring resulted in a 33% reduction in office visits
  • Streamlines treatment programs and reduces refinements – RPM imaging done by patients has no clinically significant differences versus in-person scans. The accuracy can be trusted, and practitioners can feel confident updating treatment plans based on real-time progress rather than calendar visit to visit.
  • The apps have been eagerly embraced by dental and orthodontic patients

Study after study reveals that patients appreciate being able to significantly reduce their in-office visits and chair time. They also welcome the increased connection and personal attention they receive from their practitioners.

  • Apps for dentists have been shown to increase treatment plan compliance – The convenience and ease of receiving remote care typically results in greater compliance which leads to greater treatment success and decreases the time it takes to reach treatment goals.

Experience a Demo to Learn How an App for Dentists Changes Everything

Of course, there’s no substitute for care from the chair, but remote monitoring with apps like In Hand Dental have added a whole new level of ease, simplicity, and convenience to receiving – and providing – dental attention.

Any patient who can use a mobile phone will find using remote monitoring easy, intuitive, and even fun, to connect with their dental practitioner via the In Hand Dental app.

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