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The Hidden Revenue in Reactivating Patients

Are you looking for ways for your practice to earn more revenue this year? Then you need to start focusing on reactivating patients.

In our recent blog, Why your Practice needs to Focus on Patient Recall this Year,  we talked about the benefits of patient recall. Did you know that….

  • 60% of patients are unscheduled
  • 45% of patients are due or late
  • 15% either cancel or miss their appointments

That’s a lot of patients. And a lot of business that you are leaving on the table.

But with new data released on how Covid has specifically impacted recall, it’s even more important that you understand the revenue waiting for you and your practice when you put an emphasis on recall.

In a recent Group Dentistry Now study, they took a sampling of 2500 practices, looking at their recall numbers from pre-Covid to now.

Here is what they found:

Unscheduled Patients

  • Pre-Covid: 52% unscheduled (1,888,004)
  • Now: 58% (2,588,658)

Missed & Canceled Patients

  • Pre-Covid: 7% (283, 809)
  • Now: 18% (828,689)

Due/Late Patients

  • Pre-Covid: 33% (1,205,497)
  • Now: 38% (1,713,075) 

What do the numbers mean? It means that over 300,000 are off their recall schedule because of Covid…and that adds up to $64 million.

Run the numbers for your practice: If you're-engaged one patient through recall, what would that mean for your practice?

For an average practice, this could be around $950 per reactivated patient. If you focused on reactivating 1 patient a month, that’s almost an extra $10K in profits for the year.

If you reactivate 10 patients a month, that’s an extra $100k you are adding in revenue!

Reactivating patients is easy. There are plenty of tools and platforms like recall reminder system that use text/email through various providers. That shouldn’t take up too much of your time.

So….what’s really stopping you from reactivating patients? 

Many practices are hitting a wall and redlining. They don’t have time, space, or staff to seek out and see new patients, or even to bring back this kind of volume in old patients, even when it means easy revenue.

So you are leaving potential revenue out in the cold.

You need to find a way to "make room" for your reactivated patients, without adding staff.

When you start using In Hand Dental with your patients, you can cut down on unnecessary visits, dramatically increase the time between in office visits, and free up staff time and chair time.

If you can decrease chair time with In Hand Dental, you have more time to reactivate patients, and add this easy revenue to your practice.

It is frustrating that practices are redlining because they are not evaluating the quality of the appointments, and it needs to happen on the front end. Practices need to determine when they are offering a treatment plan and if it can be accomplished remotely. Even our current practices are only offering remote for aligners, and not other treatment plans.

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