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Tips To Improve Your Orthodontics Blog

Orthodontic Blogging Tips, Ideas, and Best Practices

How can you get a lot of patient--or potential patient--eyes on your website? Create a blog on your orthodontic website!

Blogs can serve so many purposes for your orthodontics website. Firstly, while it may be tempting to fill the main pages of your website with lots and lots of words, you should keep those areas simple and easy to skim; instead, reserve the more lengthy reading sections for your blog. A blog is a great reason for people to come to your website and to learn what you are doing. And, as a bonus, blogs are great for sharing on social media to help boost your traffic and relevance.

Each blog post should be composed so it can be a landing page that you can use with newsletters, online ad campaigns, or social media. Always keep in mind the big picture of how all the pages and posts on your site work together for the same purpose - sharing how you can help and why they should choose you as their provider to get the smile of their dreams.

Plan ahead what specific categories you would like to highlight on your blog. One example would be to have categories for patient success stories, special services you offer, frequently asked questions, and spotlights on your staff.

With that in mind, here are some tips, ideas, and best practices for your blog:

  1. Keep the writing conversational. Try to limit the amount of jargon used so that the post is easy to read for all and contains your personal voice. Remember that your blog is (most likely) not going to be read by others in the industry. Use each post as an opportunity to build rapport and connection.
  2. Show off your best success stories with simple case study narratives. Make your blog visual with lots of before and after pictures and include video if possible. These are especially great for sharing on social media.
  3. Educate your prospective patients on your areas of specialty and why they should choose you. This is where you can highlight things that set you apart from others - expertise, unique services, and special technology.
  4. Mix in some topical posts that deal with common questions you receive. You can also address some of the myths associated with orthodontics. Examples of this would be “What age should I bring my child to see an orthodontist?” and “Orthodontics isn’t just for teens.”
  5. Use your blog to build SEO. While your blog should be easily read by individuals, it’s also a great way to feature keywords and phrases on your website that Google can pick up on Search Engine Optimization. To release the full power of your blog, fully optimize your blog on the back end for these key terms as well.

Interested in sharing your blog with us? In Hand Dental would love to hear from you! We would love to share your orthodontics blog on our social media, or even feature you in a guest blogger role for In Hand Dental.

If you are interested, contact us.

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