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Virtual Visits Made Easy With In Hand Dental: A Review

This is a guest blog post review from Dr Patrice Smith

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic many industries and organizations have been forced to adapt and fast track digital transformation to continue providing services. Schools have adopted remote learning, many employees are working from home and dentists are using teledentistry services, like In Hand Dental to consult patients and offer virtual visits.

In Hand Dental is a powerful, easy to use virtual care platform that helps dentists and orthodontists make aligner treatments less complicated for their patients and more profitable for their practice. Their system works with all aligner brands and helps doctors and patients get fantastic results with fewer in office visits.

Benefits of In Hand Dental

  1. Live Patient Tracking: Quite a bit of my patients love the ease of wearing aligners. This app allows me to track patient’s progress virtually without an actual office visit. Patients can also use the app to track their progress and aligner wear time. They can also contact their doctor with any issues or questions, improving the doctor patient relationship.
  2. Fewer Office Visits: Because I am able to track progress virtually, it means I can offer fewer in office visits which patients really appreciate since a lot of them are now working from home and their kids are doing virtual schooling. It’s a benefit to docs as well since less patients in the office means less chair time and less supplies being used which in turn means efficiency and a cut back on overhead expenses.
  3. Is Convenient: Patients love the fact that they can still see and speak their doctor regardless of where they are. It also cuts down time away from work and thus helps patients to stay employed and avoid loss of income.
  4. Less intimidating: Many individuals experience dental anxiety when going to the dentist. Being able to speak with or see a dentist or orthodontist in the comfort of their own home is a far more comfortable experience for some.
  5. Frees up dentists’ time for clinical work: Many patients have minor dental problems and questions that do not need in person face-to-face time with the dentist. In Hand Dental helps to bridge the communication gap as patients can communicate with their doctor via text messaging or virtual face to face meetings. A major plus with this app is that it is HIPAA complaint.
  6. Improves oral hygiene education: One of the key advantages of this app is the chance to educate patients on good oral hygiene practices. Doctors can upload videos or instructions into the resources tab. This can be used instead of providing paper instructions. This helps teach patients things like correct brushing and flossing, providing education and giving advice about health concerns can all be done using In Hand Dental.

Using teledentistry apps has been quite advantageous, especially during the pandemic to not only continue providing care for current patients but to also reach new patients. For more information on In Hand Dental, visit their website here and request a free demo. You can also find them on social media here.

Dr Patrice Smith is an orthodontist and entrepreneur and her original post can be found on her website.

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