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Why I like In Hand Dental better than Invisalign Virtual®

We were thrilled to hear Dr. Amanda Wilson give us this shout out in her recent podcast, and compare the features of the In Hand Dental remote monitoring app with that of Invisalign Virtual®.

Wondering how we stacked up? Take a listen or read below for her thoughts:

Dr. Amanda Wilson: “I’m a big fan of anything virtual, but let’s talk about the pros and cons specifically of Invisalign Virtual®. I’ve been using it a lot lately with a lot of my doctors. I’ve also been using In Hand Dental. I’ve also used dental monitoring in the past.

With Invisalign Virtual® you have to have the Invisalign Virtual® practice app on either a phone or an iPad and the patient has to have the Invisalign Virtual® patient app on their phone. They’re going to go ahead and use their little retractors. They’re going to put their aligners in, snap a picture on a regular frequency or a series of photos with the aligners in and the aligners out. That’s going to get uploaded to your dashboard, you’re going to get an alert. You can either look at it in your regular Invisalign Virtual® portal, your clean check portal or you can look at it within the app. So it’s easy.

The thing I don’t love about it is there’s not a lot of good compliance questions for the patients to give feedback and to ask them what’s going on. When you’re in the actual office there’s a lot of questions you’re normally going to ask at an aligner check-in. The other thing it’s missing is that In Hand Dental has them try on the previous aligner and Invisalign Virtual® does not.

If they’re moving from aligner 5 to aligner 6. The patient puts in aligner 5 and takes a set of photos, then puts in aligner 6 and takes a set of photos, and they also take a set of photos without any aligner in. This is really, really helpful because too many times when I see an aligner check-in I’m like “Is it the end of their course and they think this is fitting and this is not tracking or did they put the new one in and they just haven’t had time to munch it down yet? Because it’s clearly not tracking.” So this eliminates all the confusion because as I always tell you, you should never EVER switch the aligner if the previous aligner wasn’t fitting. If the previous aligner wasn’t fitting, you don’t move to the new aligner. You stay in that aligner a little longer or you might even move back to the previous, previous aligner.

That’s why I like In Hand Dental a million times better than Invisalign Virtual®. Not to mention, I don’t only use Invisalign Virtual®. There are times I use Clear Correct or my white label company Global. And I might want to use virtual check-ins for braces, to check on elastic wear, for retainer checks to see if that thing is finally sitting down or if it’s rocking or if it’s finally got seated. I might want to use virtual check-ins for expander check-ins. There are so many ways. And you can only use it with an actual active Invisalign Virtual® patient, so if you get your whole practice on one check-in app that’s affordable, it’s much easier for your practice to run because if you have some on one app and some on the other app, it’s getting awful confusing in your practice.

So, that’s why I like it.

I think right now they have a really affordable introductory price of around $150 per month for up to 30 patients. It might only be if I refer you, so happy to refer you if you want an intro to In Hand Dental, go ahead and send me an email or send me an email through my website

Check out more on what Dr. Amanda Wilson has to say on her podcast on YouTube.

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