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Why Patients Have Embraced Remote Monitoring for Aligners, Braces, and More

Of all the trends in orthodontics and dentistry over the past decade, one of the most transformative solutions for patient care has been remote monitoring for aligners, braces and more. Apps like In Hand Dental. These effective “virtual consultation” apps became especially useful during the pandemic, and both dental professionals and patients have continued to embrace them as an alternative to many types of in-office visits.

If you haven’t yet explored this revolutionary care route, this blog will highlight 5 key reasons to look into remote monitoring for for aligners, braces, and more.

5 Ways Remote Monitoring Enhances Orthodontic Patient Care

  1. Enhances the Efficiency of Treatments – One of the biggest benefits for orthodontists and dentists is the ability to track patient progress more frequently and consistently. Waiting 6 weeks between in-person appointments can hamper progress and decisions on amending treatment protocols. With remote monitoring, patients and their dentist can communicate anytime, anywhere.
  2. Allows Greater Scheduling Flexibility for Patients – Remote monitoring is an excellent option for encouraging patient compliance and allowing for frequent checkups that don’t always require a trip to the office. Apps like In Hand Dental allow patients to take and share photos of their teeth and appliances and receive treatment recommendations.
  3. Improves Real-Time Communications Options – In-person visits aren’t always necessary, and they can take up valuable chair time. Using an app like In Hand Dental allows practitioners to communicate with patients, relay care or aligner change alerts, and even send messages of encouragement or birthday wishes quickly and easily.
  4. Builds Greater Loyalty Among PatientsStudies confirm that 97% of orthodontic and dental patients feel very positive about remote monitoring and feel that it enhances the quality of their care. What’s more, the cost of treating patients via remote monitoring totals 11% ($75) less annually than dental patients seen in person, a fact that patients very much appreciate.
  5. Increases the Ability to Build a Larger Patient Pool – Remote monitoring can be effectively used to care and education for patients from anywhere, and even curb the need for in-person follow-up visits. Having the option available in your practice can actually help increase your market area and encourage the growth of your patient base, all without adding staff.

It’s Time to Enhance Your Care Protocol with Remote Monitoring 

The pandemic may have passed, but the acceptance and popularity of remote monitoring for aligners, braces and more is here to stay. Aligner patients, wired-braces patients, emergency cases, and others have all embraced this option. What’s more, these patients have come to expect, and even demand, this option. Bottom line? It’s time for you to get onboard and add remote monitoring to your practice.

Ready to learn more? Book a free, 30-minute private demonstration to see how the easy, affordable In Hand Dental app can be a game-changer for you and your patients.