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Why Your Patients Want Telehealth Today

Telehealth Is Here To Stay

The industry of healthcare is notoriously slow to change. The COVID pandemic has pushed many within the industry, including orthodontists and dentists, to adopt new technologies so they can continue to see patients and keep their practices open. One of these technologies? Telehealth.

“Telehealth” is a buzzword that is loaded with meaning. Depending on who you ask, telehealth might be viewed by some orthodontists and dentists as something scary that will replace doctors or decrease the value of treatment…or it can be viewed as a tool to enhance your treatments and even expand your practice.

If you are in the former, or under the impression that telehealth is just a passing fad to get us through these unprecedented times, think again:

According to a survey from, “83% of patients expect to use virtual appointments after the pandemic resolves.”

In 2020 and in a Covid-19 world, telehealth is here to stay.

So what are the benefits to you and your patients for using telehealth technologies?

Telehealth is convenient and saves time.

For many, taking time off from work for orthodontic and dental appointments is very difficult, and it’s one of the biggest reasons people don’t get the care they need. However, when you have a virtual option like telehealth, this can drastically improve a patient’s access to care.

Furthermore, it can be a deciding factor when it comes to choosing a provider–and with more and more doctors competing for google rankings or navigating the world of reviews and social media, offering a virtual care option may be the very thing that elevates you and your practice above the rest.

Think of it from their perspective: your patients already use – and love – mobile device/app based technology like online banking, FaceTime, and messaging platforms. You probably do as well! But virtual healthcare is tricky due to HIPAA and security issues, so it’s important to choose an option that won’t leave you exposed.

While tech adoption can seem confusing and overwhelming for clinicians who have historically treated their patients with a hands-on approach, the good news is that you don’t have to completely change your orthodontic or dental practice, or spend hours learning how to use a new technology.

Instead, focusing on just one tool can enhance your practice: start with the In Hand Dental app. HIPAA-compliant, easy to use (uploading a patient takes only a minute!), and easy to learn, this will give you and your patients flexibility, security, and increased confidence for great treatment, from start to finish–with less office visits.

Are you interested in harnessing the power of telehealth by learning more about your In Hand Dental app? Contact us to learn more.

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