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Why Your Remote Care App isn’t just for Clear Aligners

It’s no secret that remote care apps and clear aligners are a perfect fit. Using a remote care app makes more sense than ever now that patients use telehealth services at a rate 38 times higher than before the pandemic. Using a remote care app makes more sense than ever now that patients use telehealth services at a rate 38 times higher than before the pandemic.

When treatment begins, you give your patients all of their trays and schedule a few follow-up appointments. Then you can count on your remote care app for check-ins, questions, and to make sure they are staying compliant with their treatment plan.

But there are also many other ways apps like In Hand Dental can help. Here are a few.

1. Emergency Dental Care

How many times have you had a patient frantically call only to play phone tag with your office, while you try to determine if they need to be seen and then  coordinate schedules to get them in the chair? This turmoil can be eliminated if you have a HIPAA-compliant tool with which to talk with your patients directly.

They can message you from the In Hand Dental app, upload a picture, and you can ask follow-up questions, whether it’s 9:00 a.m. or 9:00 p.m. You can determine whether they need to be seen in an emergency situation, or if it can wait a few days. Either way, a few minutes of your time saves your office hours, not to mention chair time.

2. Regular Appointment Scheduling

Things like scheduling cleanings can take a lot of time for your patient and staff. How nice it would be if patients could use the In Hand Dental app to scan your QR code with their phone’s camera to select the day and time that works best for them?

Besides cleanings, this function could be used for fillings, annual exams, and general questions.

3. Patient Recall and Retention

Wondering how you can use your remote care app for patient recall? Read our post: Why Your Practice Needs to Focus on Patient Recall This Year. If you choose to use a teledentistry app, get one that will help you push out messages such as birthday greetings, giveaways, contests, etc. This will help you stay top-of-mind for your patients, especially when it’s time for them to refer their friends and family.

4. Cosmetic Dentistry

In Hand Dental also gives you a way to follow up with patients who have had such treatments as teeth whitening and crowns. There’s no need to come all the way to the office for those check-ins. Patients can upload photos that allow you to check on placement and progress.

5. Other Follow-Ups

Follow up with patients with whom you’re managing such conditions as TMJ and sleep apnea.

So don’t forget that a remote care app can make it easier to provide emergency services, including determining if it even is an emergency. And it gives you a HIPAA-compliant way to check in with patients who have had cosmetic dentistry and even botox treatments. It not only gives you time back but gives your patients the flexibility they’ve come to expect.

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