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How to Take Your Practice Into the Digital Age

Are you using technology to enhance your Orthodontics practice?

Healthcare is in the midst of a digital health revolution. The invention of the smartphone and other mobile devices has brought about new opportunities for doctors and patients like never before. The digital age has also brought about an increasingly competitive marketplace – making it all the more important for orthodontists and dentists to bring their practices up-to-date with the latest technology. Here are a few things you can do to enhance your dental or orthodontic practice:

Text-based appointment reminders

While some patients still like to get phone calls to remind them of their appointments, a vast majority of patients are showing a preference for text-based alerts and reminders. Some electronic medical record (EMR) systems have an automated option for this. If your EMR doesn’t, there are other options available – just make sure that the system you choose is HIPAA compliant. Your patients will appreciate having options to choose from.

Improve your online presence

Today’s consumers are more likely to research online reviews before deciding on a dental provider. Because of this, it’s very important to have patient testimonials on your website. You should also ask your patients to submit their reviews on Google, as these will show up in Google search listings. If your website has the capability, add a blog section with helpful information about your practice and the dental services you provide. This helps prospective patients to get to know you more and it also provides some value upfront.

Have engaging social media

Just like with your website, it’s important to have an active, visible presence on social media. Feeling overwhelmed with all the platforms out there? You don’t have to be on all of them. Facebook is still the platform with the most users, so don’t neglect that, but Instagram really shines in the Orthodontic world. Don’t be shy–show off the great results you get with “before and after” pictures and highlight patients who have had a great experience. Your results may be just the thing that catches the eye of a prospective patient.

Provide flexible treatment options

It can be difficult for busy patients to commit to regular in-office appointments, so it helps to have other options for treatment. To address this, some practices have opened up for evening and weekend hours. Another alternative is to provide virtual care. With the In Hand Dental patient app, you can provide virtual care services like telehealth and remote patient monitoring. There are many benefits to this and ways you can use it to enhance your practice. You can read more about the importance of telehealth in our previous post here. Having flexible treatment options just might be the thing that sets you apart from the competition in this digital age.

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